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Do you want to protect your IT from cyber attacks?

You Need AppGuard

"Patented technology that has never been breached and has been used in the US for over 20 years"

What is AppGuard?

AppGuard is a protection software package that is installed on laptops, desktops and servers to defeat all forms of malicious software attacks. It is completely different from traditional cyber security solutions – it is not antivirus, it does not detect and respond, it simply STOPS all attacks by blocking and isolating then before they can do any harm.

Adopted by large organisations as well as individual home and business users.
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AppGuard for Home

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AppGuard Solo will protect your laptops and desktops from the latest cyber threats. By just installing AppGuard Solo into your device, it will continuously protect you from the latest Ransomware and unknown advanced threats. Unlike Anti-Virus products it does not need regular updates or changes, making ideal for home or remote workers. Easy to purchase and install, with the best protection you will ever need.

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AppGuard for Business

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AppGuard for Business is a centrally managed protection capability that prevents Malware and Ransomware harming your Business laptops and desktops. Unlike Anti-Virus, no regular updates needed regardless of changes to your IT. Ideally suited for business remote or home workers where IT Support is limited, once installed they are protected.

Supported by a UK based Team providing 24/7 management when you need AppGuard to protect new software or systems.

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AppGuard for Server

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AppGuard for Server provides the same centrally managed service for Business but focuses on your key server assets. AppGuard will allow your servers to keep running without the need to quarantine following an attack and will support both Windows and Linux server variants.

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do you need a Demonstration?

If you would like a full demonstration of AppGuard for Home, Business or Server then please contact us.