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AppGuard Enterprise

AppGuard Enterprise

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"Patented technology that has never been breached and has been used in the US for over 20 years"

AppGuard Enterprise uses a central management console that allows for the co-ordinated control and support of business end points. Its capability is built around the AppGuard isolation technology to ensure that business end points are always protected. Unlike Anti-Virus, no regular updates needed regardless of changes to your IT. Fast and simple to deploy, AppGuard Enterprise provides the ideal protection suite for your business that allows your operations to continue while blocking suspicious operations designed to stop your business.

AppGuard Enterprise is supported by a UK based Team providing 24/7 management to ensure the on-boarding of the capability and the on-going support is in place to ensure your business is protected at all times. AppGuard agents run smoothly for months or years without policy updates, regardless of application updates, patches, and other changes.

Why is AppGuard Different
Tracking what applications and utilities do at kernel levels. AppGuard BLOCKS all malware’s intended actions, instead of having to recognise good from bad which is why most alternatives fail.
Blocks Endpoint attacks in real-time
AppGuard blocks all forms of endpoint attacks without needing to recognise the malicious code. It can block any new attack on day one without relying on inefficient detect and react methods.
Makes Fileless attacks boring
Every malicious code attack has a starting place: vulnerable applications, accessible utilities. AppGuard places all such processes under guard and blocks any harmful action they attempt.
Puts prevention into endpoint protection
A large scale enterprise experiences an average of 2.5 sucessful endpoint attacks per week. With AppGuard its ZERO. It serves as a true endpoint protection tool by focusing on prevention.
Reduces Operation & Labour Costs
The "Detect and React" model is very labour and skills intensive, increasing overall cyber security spend on response and remediation management.
Slashes Alerts Fatigue
Stopping attacks at the endpoint eliminates alerts from sources downstream. Unlike other endpoint protection tools that incur an operational burden from the alerts they generate.
Lightweight endpoint protection
Centrally managed agent that is less than 1 MB on the hard drive and 10 MB memory size, seldomly exceeding 0.1% CPU space.
Adapts "Set & Forget"
Adapts to software updates and patches. It only needs to know of an applications parent executable, dynamically learning child executables and processes in real time. No policy updates are needed.
Alleviates patch management burden
To AppGuard an unpatched application is no different from a patched one. AppGuard dynamically contains their processes so they cannot do harmful actions.
Easy to Deploy
Over 95% of policies for single endpoints are already defined, making deployment simple and quick. Deploying one group has never taken more than two weeks.
Coexists with your Anti-Virus
Since AppGuard is not a scanning product, customers with regulatory mandates can use AppGuard to block advanced threats and traditional AV for compliance.
Supported Platforms
Central Management (Cloud or On-premise) supports agents for:
  • Windows XP R3 and Later
  • Windows Server 2008 and Later
  • Persistent and Non-Persistent VDI
  • Select Linux Server Distributions

What is AppGuard?

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If you would like a full demonstration of AppGuard Solo, Enterprise or Server then please contact us.