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AppGuard Solo

AppGuard Solo

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"Patented technology that has never been breached and has been used in the US for over 20 years"

AppGuard Solo is a user self-managed endpoint protection system for laptops and desktops that is ideal for home or remote working devices.

AppGuard Solo completely and easily protects applications that are vulnerable or are likely targets of attack by using its patented ‘Isolation’ or ‘Blocking’ technology. Already used throughout the US for 20 years, the AppGuard technology has never been breached.

AppGuard Solo uses the same isolation technology used throughout every AppGuard product. You simply buy online, install on your desktop or laptop then let the protection begin.
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AppGuard Solo Protections

  • Zero-day and unknown malware defense – assumes all high target applications contain zero-day malware and guards them to prevent any zero-day exploit.
  • Drive-by Download Protection stops suspicious programs from launching.
  • Application Containment/Guarded Execution ensures protected applications are prevented from performing high-risk activities that might be exploited by malware.
  • MemoryGuard prevents protected programs from writing to, or reading from, other processes’ memory.
  • InstallGuard prevents installation of programs from untrusted vendors.
  • Privacy Mode prevents browsers from reading private folders.
  • Pre-Execution Controls and Run-time Protections continually enforce policies.
  • File-less types of malware which use built-in Windows tools are blocked by AppGuard Solo.

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What is AppGuard?

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