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AppGuard Server

AppGuard Server

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"Patented technology that has never been breached and has been used in the US for over 20 years"

AppGuard Server is a security solution dedicated to Servers which is different than desktop and laptop protection for businesses. There are cases where Anti-Virus software used in desktops and laptops are installed in Servers; however, these do not provide robust cyber security.
This is because what you want to protect in a server is different.

Your business user will read and send emails, surf the web and execute applications and programmes required to conduct business activities. In contrast, the different types of servers will undertake a range of services and functions from database management to web management. Protecting what matters depends on the type of server you need to protect, as the cyber attacker will vary their attacks based on the type of server.

Unlike alternatives that must quarantine and restore a server at any indication of possible malice, AppGuard Server allows mission-critical applications to safely run until a scheduled maintenance window, even if suspicious processes have elevated privileges. The AppGuard Server footprint is 10 to 200 times lighter than alternatives in terms of processing, memory, install size, and network bandwidth. AppGuard for Server will provide complete protection for all types of server regardless of its function.

What is Used today for Server Security?

Today, there are mainly two types of security products for servers on the market, anti-virus and white list. Anti-virus type detects and removes malware features based on the pattern matching and is often used for endpoint security. Server attacks are based on communication requests that do not use files, and detection by file scanning, which is adopted in the anti-virus type, is not effective.

Whitelisting uses a list of applications and processes that do not need to be cautious. It allows whitelisted operations but restricts others. By registering to the list and specifying executable programs and processes, malicious programs and operations will not be performed. This method itself seems to be effective for server defense, but since registration is required for each application and process, the list must be managed and updated on a regular basis, resulting in a huge operational cost for maintenance.

AppGuard Server – A Must for Server Security

In recent years, cyber attacks which target Windows file sharing services and SMB vulnerabilities are increasing. In addition, fileless malware that avoids the detection of security products is on the rise, and new measures are required to protect the server. AppGuard Server was developed based on a proven AppGuard technology that has been used for endpoint security for Windows PCs in the USA for the past 20 years.

Unique security policy blocks suspicious processes that is considered illegal in the design of the operating system. The policy does not need to be whitelisted for each process, and the policy set in the parent process is automatically inherited by the child and grandchild processes to protect the system. Because it does not rely on past threat information such as signature files, it completely protects the server from zero-day attacks and unknown malware.

AppGuard for Servers

This world leading approach is considered one of the best protection capabilities for servers.

What is AppGuard?

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